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Applications where light sticks

Jan 13, 2017

Light stick is nonpoisonous, harmless, uses a wide range of light (but one of dimethyl phthalate ester and di-n-butyl phthalate have low toxicity). Can be used in a variety of sizes-concerts, banquets, holiday parties, and so on. Can also be used as toys, decorations, supplies lighting, sea rescue, special light source for signs and signals as well as fishing at night, has been generally welcomed.


Held in concert, KTV users waved to enhance the atmosphere. Glow sticks can also be made from a wide variety of toys, such as glasses, bracelet, earring, glowing balls, pendants, rings, the sword, and so on, creating a romantic atmosphere. For example: bar, wedding, holiday, abroad for Easter, Christmas and Carnival.

Night fishing

Can be made into a float for night fishing or sea fishing at night.


Wedding, bride and groom each hold one bottle of fluorescein solution and injected into a specific container, will have a beautiful light, to indicate the couple will create a glorious future, but also creates a romantic atmosphere.


Stick, 25x350mm sticks are available camping, hiking, expeditions and other fields, its role, such as lighting, warning and interrelated, the rescue. Sounds, bright colors, three types of identification.


Earthquakes and other disasters can be used as emergency lighting or easily found by rescue workers.