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Creative LED product market

Jan 13, 2017

With the rapid development of LED technology and LED are widely applied to various fields, LED creative products come out, which brought one surprise after another, and embellishment life colorful. What about 2013 which is the innovative LED products? what about that enchanted you the most? creativity LED to inventory 2013 together products.

1, LED faucet, water can also be pan-glory

Waterfall faucet after you install LED lights in the match lights show wonderful effects. At night, you will see the lights lit up the whole stream, while during the day, lights from the tap the Middle soft and translucent light through the water. There is also a waterfall LED faucet made with plastic parts, can be described as such in one of the most innovative products, LED lights on the product will increase or decrease as the intensity of flow, and changes in temperature will change the color of the light. Even after you close the faucet, futuristic styling as well as the room adds contemporary flair.

2, LED the red carpet, to build luxury way

Philips company Desso flooring company to jointly develop "light guide LED carpet" released recently, the concept of carpet will be integrated into the LED lights in the fabric, through the field control to display various LED light arrows, LOGO or any other text information. And can be programmed to display different navigational information at any moment, such as guiding people to the luggage area (BAGGAGE), for customers to create a kind of understated luxury. While in emergency situations also can guide people toward the nearest exit to escape.