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Glow bracelet considerations

Jan 13, 2017

Glow bracelet toxic, harmless, uses a wide range of glow products. Can be used in a variety of sizes-concerts, banquets, holiday parties, and so on. Can also be used as toys, decorations, supplies lighting, sea rescue, special light source for signs and signals as well as fishing at night, has been generally welcomed. For example: bar, wedding, holiday, national day of Easter, Christmas and Carnival. new year's day, Mid-Autumn Festival

Liquid glow bracelets are not edible, and have a certain degree of adhesion. If the leak: easily contaminated furniture, floor, clothes, skin and so on, if the above to be cleaned; if the liquid gets into eyes in glow bracelets, to be washed with water and medical treatment. So, is prohibited with a knife or scissors to break glow bracelets plastic pipe twisted glow bracelet is strictly prohibited to prevent liquid leak in the glow bracelets.