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LED glasses cool debut

Jan 13, 2017

Do you consider yourself an avid party-lovers? You like to wear sunglasses at night? Now is the time, is not what is on the market designed especially for you, it is the PEGS party sunglasses, set the LED, pretty cool.

In fact, the high-tech party supplies such a concept already has it. Each new product that contains this means: "if I give I love Ta Sau a show, maybe TA would want to play me out. "There are just some dark glasses, wear them, you will become the ultimate party King, has infinitely more social life.

PEGS LED glasses are equipped with a variety of cool lighting effects. They are also equipped with a built-in microphone. Combination of these two techniques actually allows specular lighting effects change with the music playing. In this way, your face can be considered as a dance machine. Ladies or guys, will be rushed to you close to see your bright LED glasses. The glasses also comes with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, when your favorite song is not finished, and running out of time, you can be charged. Finally, the PEGS also includes some intuitive PC software that allows you to plug and play, designing a new style, so you can shock your friends.