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Light sticks

Jan 13, 2017

Light stick, contour strips, outer layer of polyethylene (plastic) packaging, glass tube inside sandwich, sandwich liquid peroxide and acid esters, respectively, bend, hitting, rubbing the glass broken, causing two compounds glow fluorescent dyes. Glow sticks can be used for entertainment, night fishing, weddings, outdoor, military, construction, underwater, etc.

Principle of light

Chemicals glow sticks consist mainly of three substances: peroxide, esters, and fluorescent dyes. Simply put, the principle of light sticks are peroxides react with esters, the reaction of fluorescence energy transfer dye, and the dyes fluoresce. Common fluorescent Rod currently on the market are usually placed in a sandwich of glass tube, laminated inside and outside the isolated peroxidase and ester compounds, after rubbing two compounds to make fluorescent light.