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Light sticks of luminescent materials

Jan 13, 2017

Copious use of plastic pipe that can be folded into the glass tube. In the process of breaking, a flow of liquid in a glass tube, quickly mixed with the liquid in the plastic phase b, chemical reaction, in chemical reactions release energy transfer to the fluorescent pigment molecules, fluorescent pigments in the form of visible light energy (energy return to a stable low-energy State), which converts light energy to chemical energy.

Liquid is a variety of different fluorescent pigments and double oxalate ester (CPPO) dissolved in a solvent solution, liquid b hydrogen peroxide dissolved in solvent solutions, the main solvent are esters. Chemical reaction equation:


Two molecules of hydrogen peroxide oxidation of phenyl oxalate ester phenol, in the middle of this process results in a high energy, this intermediate will pass energy on to dyes, electronic excited state of the dye is not stable, so by shining back to stable ground state. This light is produced by a chemical reaction, known as CL or El.