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Company Activity Plan

Jan 26, 2018

1. Each member will prepare the goods in front of the office building at 8:00 am.2. The President will communicate the matters of attention and the purpose of the activity after counting the personnel, and then divide into several groups after completion.Each group is responsible for one or two cadres, one group leader and one Courier.3. Start out and march.The procession must be orderly and must not be too noisy. The cadres and the team leader should pay attention to the situation of the team members and determine the proper rest time.When you reach the foot of the mountain, it is recommended that you have a ten-minute break.Climb mountains.In the process of climbing the mountain, it is suggested that the teams should act separately, and each team should judge the mountain fastness. The fastest group has the right to write the name on the social flag, and the slowest group should have a punishing performance.There is a wonderful part of the process.There must be order and safety.6. Rest.It is recommended to take a break after half an hour.7. Recreational activities are carried out. There is no fixed time. If the climbing time is too long, the time can be compressed. If it is short, it can be increased.This activity is carried out in the community.Alternate activities (the site decides to carry out those) (1) pick up the song.Several team, led by cadres, sing a President, JieChang teams according to the last word, each team should have competition, can reduce the difficulty at the beginning, the JieChang song must be sung sentences on, the last word in the harmonics.(2) pull a song.The teams should keep up their morale and sing songs to each other.(3) an idiom is used to carry a dragon.(4) it is similar to the game of drumming, choosing one person to cover the eyes, and carrying out the flowers. After the number stops, the flower must perform the program.(5) give several idioms to make up a story.(6) small debates.There are ten people, divided into two teams to debate a question in the community.(7) a small ball, find a flat space, and the dancers will participate in it and learn.(8) super imitation show.Volunteer to participate, imitate a star to sing or perform. 8. Lunch.The plan took fifty minutes.9. Free activities.In principle, no individual activities can be allowed, and several people can play together or play games, or members can meet and talk with each other, read books or other.10. Member testimonials.Once again, everyone has a word to express the feeling and harvest of xi 'an jiahe's activity.11. All photos taken.12. Organized the organization to go down the mountain in an orderly manner and pay attention to safety.13. Go back to school.(plan a hours to assemble square b building) 14, President do activities, and announce members to write a feeling, then announced the end of the activity. The activity arrangement: 1, group action.We can continue the training team or the team with each department, with the team leader scheduling.The team also can help the girls to receive the "men and women with the climbing not tired" effect.2. The team must act together in the process of marching and climbing. The team should be in order and the team leader should be held responsible.3, suggests a more club banners, and then climb to the top of the mountain for member's signature, deposit and as a witness in the community, as well as each member's permanent memory in my heart Seven, note 1, all obey leadership, observe discipline, give priority to with safe, for safety, all the members are not allowed to leave the team, if there is any special report to the cadres.Action alone, at least three or more activities.2 effect, to deal with all kinds of emergency, the member must take all kinds of emergency medicine, a precaution, students or have special responsible for 3, members pay attention to team spirit, CARES actively help students around.4. Each member should bring good lunch, drinking water and table cloth, etc., remember to protect the environment, collect the garbage before going down after lunch, and deal with it uniformly.5. Crisp fall, dry weather, no fire.6. The cadre or group leader shall maintain order and discipline in each group.Activity declaration 1. This activity is voluntarily attended by the community members.2. Any participant may permit the existence of a person with leave, but the applicant must obey the arrangement of the superior.3. Accidental injury caused by non-compliance with management.9. Prepare item 1, fit clothes (school uniform), shoes 2, medicine.Such as band-aids, cotton, etc.Camera, whistle.4. Each person should prepare proper amount of water and food.5. During the meeting (held by two classmates).