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Glow Stick New Light Source

Aug 03, 2017

Glow Stick New light source


The other is a chemiluminescent bar, also known as the light stick, is by two kinds of chemical substances, acid and lye, after breaking the chemical reaction and light.

The principle of luminous sticks

Chemical cold light is a popular new light source, it does not need power, from chemical energy can be directly converted into light energy, can form red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple and discoloration and other colors, continuous light 0. 5-24 hours, and non-toxic, harmless

Use edits

The main purpose of the luminous stick is cheer, a large number of concerts, games, Christmas, Halloween, Carnival and other large-scale activities. [1] used in festive, festive, event decoration, toys, military lighting, sea life-saving, night signs and fishing lights and other areas of light, by the general welcome. Concert, beer festival, party event, party party, company annual celebration, bar night field, school community activities, opening ceremony

The type of light stick

Luminous stick according to its different raw materials, there are electronic glow sticks and fluorescent light bar points.

Electronic luminous sticks such as various LED flash sticks, telescopic rods, rocking sticks, fairies and so on.

Fluorescent light sticks, such as fluorescent bracelets, fluorescent sticks, fluorescent sticks, fluorescent collar, there are all kinds of fluorescent jewelry and so on.

Use the glow stick to pay attention to a few points

Luminous rods in the electronic rod to pay attention to the recovery of the battery, do not throw, so as not to cause pollution.

Chemical substances in fluorescent sticks are composed of three substances: peroxides, ester compounds and fluorescent dyes. Simply put, the principle of light bulb luminescence is the reaction of peroxide and ester compounds, the energy after the reaction to the fluorescent dye, and then emitted by the fluorescence of the dye. Currently on the market common fluorescent sticks are usually placed in a glass tube sandwich, sandwich inside and outside the isolation of the peroxide and ester compounds, after rubbing, the two compounds react to make fluorescent dyes light. The fluorescent stick consists of two parts: a plastic tube with a different liquid and a glass tube. When used, the fluorescent rod is gently bent to break the glass tube in the plastic tube and shake gently so that the two liquids are thoroughly mixed to achieve the best Luminous effect.