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Introduced The Definition Of Glow Toys

Jan 13, 2017

Glowing, shiny toys collectively. Light pillow, glow sticks. Glow toys to stay with a certain force, bioluminescence, like electronic toys, will stay with battery, LED light toys, to stay with LED lights glow.

Glow toys and Flash toys, simply put is a light, the apparatus for the children to play. Light toys are usually made of nontoxic environment-friendly plastic, material or of its inside with a black light bulb, you can issue the Flash of color, very easy to attract the attention of children.

Glow toys surface smooth and detailed, there are no protrusions, will not scratch delicate children's skin, is the ideal tool for children playing.

Glow toy category: glow toys based on the different phosphors light, can be divided into electronic led, and chemiluminescence in two ways.

A electronic led light toy: put batteries in the toy, colored LED lights, color of light emitted, products include: electronic glow sticks, electronic shook his stick, glow sticks and sparklers, and some LED light lights, luminous characters.

B chemical glow products, light sticks, two chemicals react and luminous, fluorescent bracelets, fluorescent rods, fluorescent sticks, fluorescent float fluorescence accessories, wedding fluorescent products, as well as the variety of light stick various toys.