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LED Clothing Screen Media

Jan 13, 2017

With the development of electronic technology, having regard to bear down on the LED screen, some designers incorporate electronic elements into traditional clothing, brings a fresh agitation for the apparel industry. A few days ago, CuteCircuit's designers from London recently unveiled a series of InfiNITshirt products, it is learned that the product can be compiled programs, 1024 pixels over the clothes of the full-color screen.

These garments with special fabric, users embedded microphones, miniature camera, accelerometer and speaker equipment. These devices allow the clothes to play video at 25 frames per second, when the picture moves when, the effect is very beautiful. It is understood that such programs can be integrated not only in T-shirt clothing such as shirts, like Haute Couture, miniskirts and even purses, you can use. Perhaps in the near future, fashion will have LED clothing storm tide, you can even use clothing as a carrier of information dissemination, "LED clothing" media.