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LED Foam Stick Electronic Light Bar

Jun 06, 2017

Luminous rods classification: one is the electronic light bar, the battery with electricity, the battery runs out, re-change a battery can also light, as long as it does not destroy it

Electronic accessories

The other is a chemiluminescent stick, also known as the fluorescent stick, is composed of two kinds of chemical substances, acid and lye, after breaking the chemical reaction of light.

Chemical cold light is a popular new light source, it does not need power, from chemical energy can be directly converted into light energy, can form red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple and discoloration and other colors, continuous light 0. 5-24 hours, and non-toxic, harmless

The main purpose of the luminous stick is cheer, party party, a large number of concerts, games, Christmas, Halloween, Carnival and other large-scale activities. It is also used in festive, festive, event decoration, toys, military lighting, sea life-saving, night signs and fishing lights and other fields, is generally welcomed.

Luminous stick according to its different raw materials, there are electronic glow sticks and fluorescent glow sticks sub-electronic luminous sticks such as various LED flash sticks, colorful flash sticks, shaking sticks, Christmas sticks and other fluorescent light sticks, like fluorescent bracelets, Fluorescent sticks, fluorescent collar, there are all kinds of fluorescent jewelry and so on. Use light sticks to pay attention to several points:: luminous rods in the electronic rod to pay attention to the recovery of the battery, do not throw. So as to avoid ring mirror pollution.

 Fluorescent sticks in use should pay attention to the children under the age of three can not be used to avoid danger.

LED light foam sticks, the entire light stick even light, colorful,

Waving like a neon tube issued by the bright light, colorful, colorful, pretty incomparable, infinite change,

Scenes must be hot, must be spectacular. Laughter, cheers, cries, screams constantly,

Can render the atmosphere, so that everything ~ ~ ~ are so beautiful, wonderful, memorable, meaningful.