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LED Jewelry Light Color Crystal

Jun 13, 2017

LED Jewelry Light color crystal

Changchun Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a luminous jewelry, such as luminous necklace, luminous earrings, luminous pins and so on. These novel jewelry beautiful and beautiful, light color crystal, long-term exposure to light does not fade.

Luminous jewelry is made of a long afterglow of the photoluminescent material. It is the principle of light is subject to sunlight or light and other visible light irradiation, in low light or dark conditions, the gradual release of light to produce "luminous".

It is not any radioactive elements, no harmful rays, the human body without any harm, at present, Jilin Province Tonghua mayor because of fluorescent handicraft factory has begun to produce this luminous jewelry, by Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other cities, The majority of consumers welcome.

The current use of jewelry materials, from precious diamonds to cheaper glass or plastic, are made by the reflection of external light to send a beautiful color, but the luminous jewelry is by ultra-small: battery and ultra-small bulb or liquid crystal light generator Electro-optical, with the gem of the reflective function, resulting in special artistic light effect.

For example, female trim with necklace, brooch, pendant. Rings, earrings Men's tie clips, belt buckles, suit buttons, cufflinks and handbags, can be installed on this luminous body. At the same time, you can also install the power switch or a simple intermittent switch device, so that the light effect more dazzling.

LED light necklace, versatile, novel design, unique design, stylish appearance, colorful design, energy saving and environmental protection, colorful design, colorful, is a good match with the clothes, but also participate in various parties indispensable good partner. The most shining one of the audience.

LED luminous pearl necklace, unique design, stylish appearance, energy saving, colorful design,

Colorful, is a good match with the clothes, but also participate in various parties indispensable good partner. Let you become the audience the most shining one.