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LED String Light Development Trend

Aug 20, 2017

LED string light development trend

With the rapid decline in prices of LED products, and gradually towards the sweet spots, the Taiwan region of the city recently adjusted slightly optimistic about the growth of LED lighting next year, is expected to LED industry and Taiwan plant to bring new growth momentum.

   From the perspective of channel resources, the traditional lighting era of the brand's bearing capacity is limited, and now there are about 17,000 domestic channels, these channels in the end can carry the number of LED lighting brand, which is a problem. Channel is the industry development of the sea, if there is no channel, the middle reaches of the industry to do the number of products are in vain, it must play a channel of circulation, making the product arrived in the hands of consumers. Also need to examine whether the channel has been ready to transport products, the convergence of upstream and downstream is already done. These are the issues that need attention and reflection.

For domestic LED business, e-commerce model is still in the exploratory stage. LED lighting is a new industry, its industry characteristics are strong, can learn from the experience less, there is no viable channel investment charter can follow. Many consumers for high-quality LED lights lamps also lack sufficient awareness, which led directly to the lack of confidence in many dealers. At this stage, LED lighting products are relatively small, not enough to hold up the store, consumers do not have much choice when buying, which is a lot of LED brand has not been the main reason for the store, even in the LED lighting business main choice Taobao this domestic largest business platform.

First, the pricing of LED products, ownership issues remain clear. Although this issue does not involve the LED industry can rely on e-commerce platform, but related to the LED industry, e-commerce can do a good job. How can the consumer choose the face of the confusion of the product price system? And this is the difference between industrial enterprises and consumer goods enterprises. Online sales of LED products pricing power who control? How to price? This is the LED industry to develop e-commerce to be perfect place.

Second, the product is difficult to clear target customers. For any business, the most important is the positioning of the target customers. LED industry is currently the majority of products directly to customers B (Business) rather than C (Customer), because LED lighting products have not really popular. In this case, LED lighting business first to consider is how the country out of incandescent light this favorable policy, driven by product quality and brand reputation.

Third, the lack of domestic market influential and competitive enterprises. Visibility and trust is simply a brand. But the brand is not just refers to the product brand, but also refers to the industry brand. At present, the domestic public awareness of the LED brand in the beginning, generally no clear understanding and understanding. From the advertising point of view, LED e-commerce as a new thing, is more difficult to reach the public awareness.