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LED String Light More And More Widely Used

Aug 03, 2017

LED string light More and more widely used

LED string application of the market demand is small, mainly used in high-end hotel decoration lighting and other fields, are subdivided areas of products, the price is not ground gas. With the progress and popularity of LED technology, LED string string has gradually penetrated from the hotel lighting to commercial lighting and home lighting and other fields, the application of more and more widely, more and more production capacity, the price also will be civilians. However, for now, LED string string in the product technology, applications also exist a lot of "stumbling block", for LED string string production enterprises, in order to seize the market to the high ground, you must solve the LED string string exists Various problems.

   With the maturity of the production process and the decline in raw material prices, LED product prices is the trend. The past two years, LED indoor lighting products, the average annual price decline of 20% -30%. In the LED indoor lighting and outdoor landscape lighting accounted for a relatively heavy price of LED string string is also declining. The past three years, due to LED string string access threshold is too low, resulting in a large number of enterprises get together to produce LED string lights. And even many companies holding the "quick money" mentality production quality protection, low cost LED string, and then its low-cost sale, which focus on the LED string production enterprises of the product quality and prices are caused Impact, resulting in this part of the corporate profit margins straight down, but also the terminal market environment confused foul.

   Relative to other lighting products, the current price of LED string string is low, the overall price of not more than 30 yuan / m. In the LED light string market research, we also found that most businesses LED string lights in the 10-15 yuan / m or so, and even many businesses LED lights string price of less than 10 yuan / m. At present, the impact of LED string string is mainly the use of its materials and production process. Among them, the use of materials in addition to material, the most critical to the number of LED chips and lamp beads. A industry veteran said, LED chip determines the core quality of the LED string, its size also determines the LED quality and brightness, and good light beads is the LED string light efficiency consistent effective protection, and can effectively alleviate the light failure problem. For now, LED chip brand a lot, different brand price difference is also great.

LED light string

   However, in the past few years of market competition, in order to seize customer resources, many manufacturers continue to depress the value-added products, but also because we did not pay attention to quality, with the worst raw materials to do the product, so after several years of market development, resulting in Of the harm so far no way to recover. In the long run, the price war is very detrimental to the development of the industry. Price war can be a strategic do, but long-term do on the industry's great destructive.