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Luminous Plush Toy Features Using The Method Of The Movement And Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 13, 2017

Luminous plush toy features using methods and common problems in sound creepy toys, straightened some xindi electronics for everyone;

Music, plush toy features using the method:

Movement of toys in plush toys, we have designed two lines, one USB cable, one audio cable. Plug the USB cord into your computer (or buy a power supply plug to connect the USB cable, plug in the power socket); audio cable connected players (such as mobile phones, computers, flat-panel, and so on), you can play music.

Second, plush toys glow luminous function usage:

Glow function there are two power supply method

1, powered by USB

Pull the product inside the USB cord, plugged into a computer (or buy a power supply plug to connect the USB cable, plug in the power socket), the product starts to glow. (Can be customized according to customer's battery)

2, with three 7th battery

First of all, open the zipper remove the battery box on the lower right, open the battery compartment cover, and in the correct orientation into section 3, 5th battery, cover the box, remove the battery box on the switch to the "ON" position, into the battery compartment zipper on. Product design is vibration sensors, it will automatically light, which over time will automatically turn off. (Luminous length can be customized)

Product use: 1. fashion gift 2. Home decoration, car decoration 3. NAP partner 4. listening to music 5.6, relief supplies and insomnia products

Scope of application: holiday gifts, birthday gift, lovers gifts