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New Transparent Acrylic 3D Nightlight Your Vision

Jan 13, 2017

Asked world novelty why real, only for yiwujiangyiwu, you has you of artifact, I has I of magic, dang we in for crystal ornaments of dream and carved and drunk Shi, imports transparent of acrylic has strong hit to, dang we in amazing 3D Visual stunning effect Shi, cooked not know many 3D visual products has came out, world everything this is changes development of, and fire Wolf launched of this paragraph 3D Visual small night lamp is changes development of product, Stereoscopic 3D visuals it challenged our brain tease our visual refresh people's tradition of small table lamp.

3D desk lamp is a very challenging brain and eye of illusion LED desk lamp, it appears to be a solid pattern, is in fact a thickness of only 5 mm transparent acrylic, each piece through the sculpture of a three-dimensional linear patterns, light appears after 3D visual effects.

This Led stereo Nightlight is subverting our imagination, it will use creative thinking Led staggered with acrylic glass made by and armed with USB interface touch base to add a sense of fashion, ingenious design combined with human visual illusion, dimensional plane with creative 3D stereo vision effect, give us a visual feast.