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Purchase Glow Toys Need To Pay Attention To?

Jan 13, 2017

Glowing plush toys on the market, colorful glow toy pillows are popular among young people, found in the sales product, purchased most of the glowing toy products are mostly young people and couples. Experts suggest that consumers buy glow toys, care should be taken to buy is not only focused on appearance, more attention to product quality.

According to the survey, select glow toy for young couples. A plain plush toys, glow toy movement and battery on the inside, it becomes transparent colors, you can also customize the rhythm of lights flashing, fast flashing slow flashing, flashing with music, forcing rose, romantic index rose rapidly. Many men would choose such a confession or the gift for his girlfriend. "Girlfriend's birthday I gave her a glowing pillow plush toys. "This gift to my girlfriend's friends really jealous.

When you buy a toy like this, do not take into account security issues? most people is not taken into account. Why? because glow toy only needs three 5th battery mounted, one 1.5V voltage, three at most 4.5V, so will not cause any harm to the human body, we can rest assured purchase.

But need to pay attention to when purchasing products, whether or not we buy high quality glow toys products? how do you identify it?

Xindi electronics teach you a method that when purchasing a product as to whether the product packaging, tags, user manuals and so on.

Xindi electronics in production of light emitting plush toys, toys fabric is glossy, stylish full of imported fabrics, plush toys filled with pure pp cotton, high voltage of 12 to 18 led brightness, even distribution of light, bright color, full of romance.