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Remote Interactive Fluorescent Color-changing Lights Stick Challenge Viewers Visual

Jan 13, 2017

The big TV end again Carnival feast--across years concert has ended, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, and Hunan, and East four TV in this field across years concert in the the has harvest, Hunan live ratings still row Yu other two TV zhiqian, Jiangsu is in reputation Shang evaluation quite high, Zhejiang is in choreography Shang stunning four, party is has end, but users are of discussion only just began, has discussion star, and songs, and singing........ However this year audience hand Shang took of interactive should aid fluorescent Rod also became has users are hot meaning of topic, full of fluorescent rod with stage lights color of transform and unified transform, more even audience hand in of interactive fluorescent rod can and site singer like of color and phase echoed transform, this aesthetic of effect, powerful of function really stunning has audience, caused has curious of heart.

In the new year's concert, audience interactive light stick is really in the hands of vision has brought great challenges to the audience, careful viewers may have found, new year concert light stick, from the traditional single color into the color of glow sticks. Rhythm changes, alternate style changes, should aid the color and Glow light stick rhythm, also will change as the song continues, the effect is pretty cool, is like a delicate 4D visual experience.