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To Indicate The Direction Of The LED Carpet

Jan 13, 2017

Mobile phone down guidelines on families no longer have to look at the space! will be the advent of directional light carpet. Philips, in addition to the bulb and do a lot of interesting things. More collaboration with Desso carpet industry, launch LED carpet. Direction for our future space hotels, a Conference Center, will replace the traditional directed billboards guide people and to integrate into places of original interior design style, to create practical attractive space.

Philips LED light to work with Desso carpet a special translucent textures, installing LED lights in the blanket of light will reveal the carpet. Glowing carpet can guide people to play indoor function space directions, including exits and escape routes, or dining space or meeting space. Through light, design and color of the light, increase interior space flower's fragrance, by providing indicators that appear only when needed, untreated less room to cut. This design is for frequent personnel walking space and design, and can be outfitted with a different color, shape, size, elements, this new technology provides highly customized adjustments.

"The glowing carpet solution design focused on the senses to interact directly with the general population, according to the nature of human beings, eyes will be attracted to light. Using phototaxis of this technology, so people in the room to move and interact with the space. When you walk in the light of the carpet, it will display information, guidance, inspiration and maintaining security. This cooperation will focus on the market leader in the provision of meaningful innovations on the market.